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Visionary Machines has been selected to be part of the NVIDIA Inception Program

The NVIDIA Inception Program provides the most advanced technology and support to highly innovative businesses who are revolutionising their industries with advances in AI and data science.

Visionary Machines Pandion™ technology is evolving 3D spatial sensing and perception for robotics and vehicle autonomy. By fusing modular camera arrays with advanced algorithms, Visionary Machines is enabling machines to see the world in high fidelity, in all weather conditions and then to decide path plans, collision avoidance strategies and navigation.

NVIDIA are the world's largest developer of GPUs, an essential tool in high performance computing. The increase in processing power with NVIDIA's latest GPUs are enabling Visionary Machines to unleash the full potential of camera-based 3D spatial sensor technology, with exciting new computer vision algorithms run in real-time, at the edge with low latency.

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