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What we do

Vision systems for safer and smarter machine autonomy

Visionary Machines simplifies autonomous systems, empowering them to see and intelligently interact with their environment, with superior camera-based vision and 3D spatial awareness.

Our Pandion™ sensor captures real-time, spatially accurate, high fidelity representations of the world, that are reliable in all weather and lighting conditions and can be viewed, measured and interpreted in real-time.

Our mission

Visionary Machines creates 3D computer vision to enable safer and smarter next-generation autonomous systems

Our vision

To be the provider of the world’s most trusted vision systems for machine autonomy

Who we are

Founders and team

Visionary Machines was founded in 2019 by computer vision and machine learning experts Dr Rhys Newman and Dr Samson Lee, and experienced high performance computer entrepreneur Gary Aitchison.

Our global team includes world-leaders in their field, including PhD vision engineers, scientists and designers.

Gary Aitchison CEO | Board Member Visionary Machines
Gary Aitchison
Founder | Executive Director 

Founder. Serial entrepreneur, building and leading high-tech engineering companies in Australia, US and Asia.

Dr Rhys Newman

Founder. Computer vision, machine learning, multiple high-tech start-ups in the UK and Australia.

Dr Samson Lee
Founder | Chief Technology Evangelist

Founder. Computer vision, machine learning, image processing and hardware.

Our patented Pandion™ technology

Quality in, quality out

Our Pandion™ sensor technology combines our 3D video camera (with RGB, NIR, SWIR, and LWIR spectrums) with our advanced algorithms to produce real-time georeferenced 3D representations of the world, even in GPS denied environments. A higher fidelity alternative to legacy active sensors like RADAR and LIDAR.

PandionTM builds a virtual world that is accurate and measurable, capturing time, speed, velocity and location.

Designed for the next generation of autonomous systems:

• Autonomous vehicles
• Passive optical radar
• Real-time 3D map generation

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