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Visionary Machines creates vision-based perception systems for safer and smarter machine autonomy. Staffed by a group of world-leading computer vision and robotics experts, the company simplifies and empowers automation, navigation and surveillance with camera-based 3D perception systems that allow machines to see and understand their environment. 

Visionary Machines is a sovereign Australian company — headquartered in Sydney, Australia with a research arm based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Visionary Machines was founded by computer vision and machine learning experts in 2019.

Our global team includes world-leaders in their field, including PhD vision engineers, scientists and designers.


Download our latest releases here

High resolution images of our founders, team, and products — here

  • Download the Visionary Machines company logo .svg file format: here


  • Download our Vanguard product logo here


For more information please contact:

Samson Lee | Chief Technology Evangelist | email: [email protected]

Chelsea Reid | Chief Marketing Officer | email: [email protected]

Phone (Sydney Head Office) : +61 472 733 265

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