see. trust. act. Real-time High fidelity Actionable intelligence

Actionable intelligence at the edge

The first high-fidelity, real-time, assured-position reconnaissance system that generates annotated 3D representations of the world.

Capture changing environments rapidly

Vanguard systems capture rich, 3D maps from the front of vehicles.

Data is presented in real-time to ground teams, and fed back to central command-and-control systems.

State-of-the art sensors

  • Ruggedised for use in extreme conditions
  • Flexible placement retrofit almost any vehicle

Real-time local display

  • Touch screen with flexible mount options

Wireless communications

  • Wirelessly share data in real-time

Easy to use

An intuitive UI makes Vanguard simple to operate with minimal training.

Users interact in real-time with the 3D scene intelligence (labels, routes, measurements, threats, obstacles, positions) then share these insights with others in real-time or afterwards.

Modular design

Vanguard’s 3D Pandion cameras are modular, self-contained and can be retrofit to almost any vehicle.

Available in a variety of configurations including lightbar and quad camera.

All weather operation

see in all conditions

  • day (including low light)
  • night (complete darkness)
  • fog
  • dust
  • smoke
  • snow
  • rain

Enhanced saftey

Reduced risk to vehicles and personnel, with alerts for rollover,  collision or entrapment.

Vanguard super-human vision for trusted machines

Developed in field trials with our partners, Vanguard solves real-world problems for defence and public safety, emergency services and mining.

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Emergency services

Effective disaster response depends on prepared teams, efficient coordination and effective systems. Vanguard systems rapidly capture rich, 3D maps from the front of vehicles, passively capturing changing environments as responders move into an area. 


Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions are an essential part of a tactical commander’s planning cycle. Mission success is underpinned by accurate, timely and actionable intelligence. Vanguard empowers the tactical commander with unique ISR capabilities.

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