3D real-time spatial perception. Solved

We deliver passive, high-fidelity, colour, 3D range sensing using camera arrays

All-weather superior vision

High-fidelity — camera images with depth at every point
All-weather — works in rain, fog, dust
See in the dark — sees clearly day or night
Multispectral — visual, shortwave infrared and longwave infrared modules

Passive, robust and resilient

Robust — auto-calibrating arrays using AI
Resilient — redundancy plus continuous monitoring
Passive — emits no beams, has no interference
GPS or No GPS — assured position, navigation and timing even when GPS denied

Modular design

Plug-and-play — 4 camera modules
Reliable — assembled from rugged components
Single solution — no complex additional sensors required
Self-contained — microprocessor controlled arrays

The Pandion™ sensor system

Visionary Machines solutions are powered by our core Pandion™ technology

International patents (pending and published) comprehensively protect the intellectual property breakthroughs.

Unparalleled precision

Pandion™ is a powerful sensor system that fuses the amazing fidelity of 3D imaging at high frame rates to create spatial intelligence, forming a deep understanding of:

Where objects are in the world
Where the sensor is in relation to everything around it
Where everything will be


Measurable digital twins in real-time

The Pandion perception system generates spatially accurate digital twins in real-time. Even when the sensor is travelling through a scene at speed.

Better than human vision

Our sensors can see where humans cannot — at longer range, through fog or rain and in darkness

Pandion™ is entirely passive

Unlike other spatial sensors that emit radio waves or light pulses, Pandion™ does not emit beams or signals