Perception powered by Pandion™

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Self driving

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Delivering trustworthy Perception to machines

Our Perception sensors are capable of capturing rich and highly accurate spatial data, enabling machines to see and understand the world around them.

Perception powered by Pandion™ solves a critical part of the automation stack for robotics, advanced driver-assist, and self-driving vehicles — efficiently generating the low-latency spatial data that every autonomous system needs.


Higher fidelity 3D spatial perception

Visionary Machines Perception is powered by our Pandion™ 3D spatial awareness technology, producing extremely rich point clouds in near real-time.

Safer autonomy

The rich 3D data captured empowers vehicle autonomy, terrain analysis and more accurate and robust obstacle detection .

On and off-road ADAS

The Perception system is completely passive, sending no signals out into the environment.

Operation in all weather conditions, day or night

Perception can see accurately in fog, dust, smoke, rain and complete darkness.

Real-time mapping

Real-time localisation and mapping, live point cloud data is processed into a map in real-time.

Collision avoidance

Trajectories and velocities of objects to identify the clear paths in the desired route ahead.

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