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Visionary Machines announces 3rd generation Pandion™ sensor, providing eyes for autonomous vehicles and machines

Sydney, Australia, July 27, 2023

Visionary Machines, the Australian 3D spatial perception system company, has announced their 3rd generation Pandion™ sensor will be released in August 2023. The sensor enables machines to perceive the 3D world around them at long range, in real-time, in any lighting conditions, day or night.

The Pandion™ sensor is designed for the next generation of autonomous systems, including:

• Autonomous vehicles
• Passive optical radar
• Real-time 3D map generation

Visionary Machines CEO Gary Aitchison said: “Our camera-based sensors create 3D perception of astonishing clarity. We see passive sensors as the solution that will power the next generation of autonomous vehicles and machines.

Our 3rd generation Pandion™ 3D spatial sensor is a significant milestone. It is targeted at meeting the need for robust and highly accurate sensors in the emergency services, defence, mining and trucking sectors.”

Visionary Machines Co-Founder Dr Samson Lee said: “Compared to legacy active sensors like radar and lidar, Pandion™ captures scenes in higher fidelity. It operates in GPS degraded environments and is completely passive, meaning that it does not emit signals into the world, this is a huge operational advantage for defence who require vehicles to be nondetectable.”

The Pandion™ sensor has been enhanced for use in challenging environments:

• State-of-the-art carbon fibre construction
• Internal thermal and humidity management
• Precision timing and internal processor control.

Founded in 2019 by computer vision and machine learning experts Dr Rhys Newman and Dr Samson Lee along with experienced high performance computer entrepreneur Gary Aitchison, Visionary Machines has expanded rapidly off the back of the strength of their innovative Pandion™ technology.

Inspired by the impressive vision and spatial awareness of humans and animals, Visionary Machines Pandion™ is named after the Osprey eagle, of the Pandion genus. The company’s vision is to deliver that level of advanced perception to machines, making the world a safer place, by unlocking next level transport and robotic automation.

The 3rd generation Pandion™ sensor has been miniaturised from six to four cameras with a modular design and will be available in a variety of configurations, including as a light bar. Available as a retrofit unit, or as an embedded component, from late August 2023.

Visionary Machines founders

About Visionary Machines

Visionary Machines creates super-human vision for trusted machines that enhance community safety and productivity. Staffed by a group of world-leading computer vision and robotics experts, the company simplifies and empowers automation, navigation and surveillance with passive camera-based 3D perception systems. Visionary Machines is a sovereign Australian company — headquartered in Sydney, Australia with a research arm in Oxford, United Kingdom.

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Pandion™ Sensor Press Release

Media contacts

Samson Lee
Chief Technology Evangelist
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 414 533 726

Chelsea Reid
Chief Marketing Officer
Email: [email protected]

Office number: +61 472 733 265

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