Say hello to the new look Visionary Machines

Superior perception for next generation autonomy

You may have noticed our new look. We have recently launched our refreshed brand with a new logo inspired by our core values, mission and vision: creating superior perception for trusted machines that enhance community safety and productivity.

Visionary Machines brand refresh new logo

See. trust. act

Visionary Machines is setting the standard for vision perception for autonomy, as such our new logo is a stylised version of the universally recognised test for visual acuity, the Snellen Chart.

Our name

We love our company name, the combination of the words “Visionary Machines” conveys what we are about: creating super-human vision for trusted machines, empowering machines to better see and understand the world around them.

Who we are

Founded in 2019 by computer vision and machine learning experts Dr Rhys Newman and Dr Samson Lee along with experienced high performance computer entrepreneur Gary Aitchison, Visionary Machines create and deliver 3D spatial perception systems using passive camera arrays. 

Our Pandion™ technology enables machines to perceive the 3D world around them in real-time in any lighting conditions — day or night, at long range and in high fidelity. Visionary Machines solutions simplify and empower automation, navigation and surveillance.

Gary Aitchison CEO | Board Member Visionary Machines
Gary Aitchison​
Chief Executive Officer

Founder. Serial entrepreneur, building and leading high-tech engineering companies in Australia, US and Asia.

Dr Rhys Newman
Chief Scientific Officer

Founder. Internationally recognised expert in computer vision, machine learning, big data, multiple high-tech start-ups in the UK and Australia.

Dr Samson Lee
Chief Technology Evangelist

Founder. Computer vision, machine learning, image processing and hardware.

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