Long Haul Truck in Outdoor Offroad Enviornment

Autonomous robotics and vehicles have hit a pothole

In this series of blogs Visionary Machines co-founder and computer vision expert Dr Samson Lee looks at the challenges faced by autonomous machines to-date, and how advancements in vision system technologies are addressing these issues. Dr Lee addresses the questions; how much do they really need to be able to see, and what do the advancements in 3D computer vision and rapidly advancing vision systems mean for machine autonomy in 2024 and beyond.

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Field Trial Coachella Valley

Our product development team under the leadership of Dr Simon Guest started our journey back in late 2022 turning our Vanguard user requirements into a product and it was time to introduce our US friends to Vanguard and validate some of our user requirements. As an innovative company we like to make sure our design is on point for our first responder community users for our product launch in August 2023.

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