CASE STUDY: 3D Spatial Awareness System in Challenging Environments

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Visionary Machines and Lucid Vision Systems Case Study

Learn about Visionary Machines' next generation 3D spatial perception system — PandionTM which integrates LUCID's IP67 visible light and SWIR cameras.

Visionary Machines' vision systems are powered by our game-changing Pandion™ spatial sensor technology.

Pandion™ uses sophisticated computer vision algorithms across multiple cameras to provide reliable vision and spatial awareness for machine and robotics autonomy, surpassing the limitations of existing modalities, and setting new standards for efficiency and safety in various industries.

Our vision systems take advantage of multispectral cameras (RGB, SWIR, LWIR) combined with our algorithms to enable reliable vision in all weather and lighting conditions. We benefit from the exponential advances in camera technology and are proud to partner with LUCID Vision Labs, Inc.

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