An update from our CEO

CEO Gary Aitchison

CEO Update | August 2023

It has been a busy time at Visionary Machines leading up to the launch later this month (August) of our first product, Vanguard.

Vanguard delivers real-time spatial perception for reconnaissance, installed as a retrofit on defence, mining and emergency vehicles. It has been developed in close consultation with customers, ensuring it provides unique and much needed capabilities to key personnel.

Vanguard is a major step toward our promise to provide revolutionary spatial sensing for autonomy. We anticipate that camera technology, which enables real-time 3D vision, will become the primary sensor modality for autonomous vehicles and machines. Vanguard exemplifies this, with sophisticated camera arrays housed in a ruggedised carbon fibre frame, and interconnected with our parallel processing engine.

This intersection of camera and processor tech is the foundation of our products. We appreciate the continuing support of our technology partners– Lucid and Xenics with their amazing camera technology, plus Nvidia and AMD with their powerful parallel processor architectures.

Our teams in Oxford (UK), Sydney and Canberra (AUS) continue to deliver patent pending breakthroughs in computer vision into our 3rd generation Pandion™ sensor system. These sensors underpin Vanguard, providing high-fidelity, multi-spectral 3D reconstruction in almost any weather or lighting conditions.

The power of our Vanguard solution is best observed in action and our Field Trials team has been continuously occupied in upgrading our demonstration vehicles and conducting trials. To experience Vanguard in action contact us and request a demonstration.

You may have also noticed our new look website that better reflects the innovative nature of our technology. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Gary Aitchison | CEO | Visionary Machines

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