You may have noticed our new look — we have launched our refreshed brand with a new logo which better articulates our brand story

See. trust. act

Visionary Machines is setting the standard for vision perception for automation, as such our new logo is a stylised version of the universally recognised test for visual acuity, the Snellen Chart.

Who we are 

Founded in 2019 by PhD vision engineers out of Canon research labs, Dr Rhys Newman and Dr Samson Lee, and experienced entrepreneur and CEO Gary Aitchison. Visionary Machines creates and delivers 3D spatial perception systems, using passive camera arrays.

Our technology enables machines to perceive the 3D world around them in real-time in any lighting conditions — day or night, at long range and in high fidelity.

Visionary Machines solutions simplify and empower the automation, navigation and surveillance space.

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